We use only jumbo wild caught shrimp. We shell, clean and remove vein, then steam to an old fashioned snappy crunch. The best steamed shrimp you will find! Try with our homemade cocktail sauce.


18 for $19.99
36 for $39.98
54 for $59.97
72 for $79.96

30 Count $39.00 includes 1 sauce (serves 10)
50 Count $64.00 includes 2 sauces (serves 15)
75 Count $94.00 includes 2 sauces (serves 25)

30 Count $63.00 includes 1 sauce
50 Count $88.00 includes 2 sauces
75 Count $118.00 includes 2 sauces
Shrimp Trays Must Be Pre-Ordered!


Smith Island “Mini” Crab Cake
1 oz. ($2.30 ea.)
Our mini version makes a great appetizer. Super tender jumbo lump crab meat, spiced to perfection and folded in a mild cream sauce. (Pre-order in increments of 3 only)

Imperial “Mini” Crab Cake 1.5 oz. ($1.95 ea.)
All jumbo lump crab meat folded in a mild cream sauce, egg washed and lightly breaded. Jumbo Lump crab meat in a mild cream sauce. Makes for a great slider! (Pre-order only)

Shrimp Italiano ($1.00 ea.)
Our wild caught steamed shrimp lightly breaded and Italian seasoned. Great with tartar or our homemade cocktail sauce.

Crab Critter Appetizer ($15.95 Bag of 50)
Bite sized, crab filled, breaded delights. Great for parties or a late night snack and kid love them! Oven ready to heat and serve. Try with our Sabi sauce!

Crabalaya Cruncher Appetizer ($15.95 Bag of 20)
A fun and delicious appetizer with crab meat, Cajun sausage, cheese in a Bayou cream sauce that will surprise your family and guests. Oven ready to heat and serve.

Clamsters ($15.95 Bag of 20)
Breaded, creamy blend of clams, cheese & spices. Ready to heat and serve. New England Clam Chowder in a breaded snack!

Crab Bowl ($17.50)
We fill an Italian pub loaf with crab meat, folded in a lightly seasoned cheesy cream sauce. Bread is crunchy and you can serve with bagettes or your favorite crackers. We get rave revues!

Scallops Wrapped with Bacon $10.50 (Quantity – 8)
Tender, wild caught scallops wrapped in bacon. Bake, broil or grill.

Stuffed Mushrooms ($1.50 ea.)
A blend of spinach, Monterey jack, and our Imperial sauce. We use fresh cut silver dollar mushrooms. A vegetarian delight!

Wasabi Crab Spread ($5.99 approx. 8 ozs.)
A cucumber wasabi, crab, cream cheese and seasoning. Spread on crackers or dip with pretzels. A party favorite.