Capt’n Chucky’s, Cape Cod & Steamed Shrimp – Talk of the Town

Want to know how good our wild caught steamed shrimp are?  We shipped 120 freshly made shrimp to Cape Cod for a wedding reception.  That’s right, Cape Cod, home to some of the best seafood in the country.

Shrimp Prep

Yardley to Cape Cod

During the July 4th 2016 holiday weekend, Doug, my roommate from college (Slippery Rock University of PA), was travelling through the area with his family on a trip home from Tampa Bay to Cape Cod. Unknown to me at the time was a pre-arranged surprise visit to Capt’n Chucky’s Crab Cake Co. Yardley set up by my wife and Doug!  What a surprise, since I had not seen Doug in probably 20 years! 

While visiting with us at our store, he learned the crab cakes, wild-caught steamed shrimp, and soups were fully prepared, which made it possible to take some back to the Cape.  On his way out of the store, we told Doug he purchased some of the best seafood around.  His reply… “Please, I live on Cape Cod!” By the end of the holiday weekend, we had received some very complimentary feedback from Doug and his family regarding how great everything was. 

Shrimp Before

Fast forward to August 2016- we received a message from Doug with a request.  Would it be possible to ship 120 fresh wild-caught steamed shrimp to the Cape for a wedding he would be hosting later in the month?  Of course!  We prepared the shrimp and, with the help of our friends at Bucks Ship & Print, packaged the shrimp on ice in a thermal container and shipped overnight 320 miles to Cape Cod arriving the next day.

shrimp-afterHere is the comment we received from Doug after the wedding:  “We ordered 120 shrimp for a backyard wedding reception. They were literally gone in 15 minutes. Our guests raved about them. Fresh, delicious and just fantastic!!”

So there you have it, straight from the raving folks in Cape Cod!  Capt’n Chucky’s Yardley’s wild-caught steamed shrimp… FRESH, DELICIOUS AND JUST FANTASTIC!!

Be sure to make us part of any special occasion.  Call us anytime at (215) 321-3939 while planning your next event!


Jim Rogers, Owner